Education and Culture

         Exposure to Africa

The images of Africa that have been promoted through television and other media have painted a sad, dirty and very poor lasting memory about our continent. While these are steeped in our regrettable past and current reality, it is also true that we are the ones who must do something about that. One of my observations while in Parliament was that most members of parliament (in using resources to go abroad for exposure) prioritised exposure to Europe and United State of America in general. I only remember one portfolio committee chairperson in the 1st Parliament promoting a case for intra African interchanges between African Parliaments. The idea was to be exposed to other African countries. We are the generation in whose time a lot of development was attained in our continent. We transformed from the Organisation of African Unity (“OAU”) to African Union (“AU”). We adopted the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (“NEPAD”) and Africa Peer Review Mechanisms (“APRM”). Yes, we do continue to be plagued by challenges but there is a lot we must expose our younger generation to in order for them to move forward based on our proud heritage as opposed to wishing to become westerners. Africa is beautiful. Lets show it off to our younger generation so they continue to develop and celebrate it. One of the best ways to achieve exposure to one anothers’ countries is through the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance. The AU has chosen to liberate the arts and culture in the entire continent. Introduce exchange programmes to all African people to organise festivals, seminars, conferences, training and cultural refresher courses throughout Africa. This programme is located and managed through NdimLo Cultural Heritage and Innovation Foundation.