Centre of Writing

Baleka Mbete Centre of Writing (“Centre of Writing”) a division of the Foundation specifically created to promote a culture of writing and reading in collaboration with Baleka Mbete Centre of Knowledge. It will develop writers in different fields. The Centre of Writing will also identify and work with renowned mentors and/or tutors who will conduct workshops over agreed period. The need to bridge the gap between those who have mastered the writing skills and young aspirants is one that cannot be easily quenched. Opportunities for interactions, mentorships and tutoring from practitioners must be continuously generated. The Foundation offers itself as one of those platforms to help generate the necessary inspiration.

The Foundation activities must avoid being boring and rather seek to be attractive, exciting and refreshing especially to the younger generation. Interactions with icons and people who are regarded as heroes or famous personalities usually inspire people. For them to realise how down to earth most of these people actually are is a big deal.

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